Good News.

I got a new job.  It is pretty exciting.  It is really difficult and I am hoping I can get the hang of everything.  Right now I kind of feel like I am letting everybody down by being slow and not having the knowledge I need, but that will come with time.  Right now I just have to learn as much as I can and put my best foot forward.  It is a learning experience. 

The whole gender thing has reached a weird level right now and I am unsure of where exactly I am.  It wasn’t just a fad or a phase or anything like that.  I still feel very fluid in my gender, but it is also a strange experience as I am working in a very masculine arena right now so I am having to really switch gears, but that is how it goes. 

I feel happy with myself right now.  And that is really huge.  I feel like I can be myself around the people I love, when I need to.  I feel like I can share myself with people, but certain people expect certain things and that is what I give them if I don’t feel like they are open minded.  I am really able to be like a chameleon right now, able to fluidly blend in to where I need to, but still retaining who I am on the inside.  That is a huge thing.  I feel accepting of myself.  

I hope you do too.  

And I hope your world is bright.  

Love Always,



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