Let’s talk about sex…

So I am going home this weekend…. back to the hometown….

There is a girl there that I think I am going to spend some time with…

I am wondering if we are going to hook up.  It would be nice… It’s been a while and I am kind of nervous about the whole thing.  I mean we have jokingly talked about it, but maybe that is all it has been…

I haven’t had sex with anyone since my whole gender queer revelation… So I don’t know how that will change things…

Of course they don’t know about that side of me, so I will be wearing boy clothes… and acting boyish, I guess…

Can you imagine my embarrassment if we both got naked and happened to be wearing the same panties?  Awkward… So that’s a weird little thing to thing about… Here’s how I hope it plays out though:

“Oh, look at you, you’re shaking…”

“Yeah, it’s been a while… I’m a little nervous…”


She makes the sound pressing her lips together as she puts her hand on my chest and presses lightly forcing me down into the sofa behind me.  She kisses me with a tenderness that I have not felt in a long while.  It is a slow deliberate thing, not fast, fierce and animistic.  It begins with us exploring each other.  As if she is trying to decipher my taste.  She strokes my hair and it is a soft caress that feels wonderful, calm and comforting.  She takes my clothes off exposing my body to the slight chilled air of the room.  My body is hairless, if this bothers her, she doesn’t make mention of it.  She undresses and is laid out before me.  She is gorgeous and breathtaking.  Soon we are in thrall, one being probing, exploring, feeling, loving.  There is subtle rhythmic motion that echoes through the canvass of our shared flesh.  I breath deeply and smell her flowered scent coursing through me.

We are one and I am accepted.  This moment is beautiful.  I feel beautiful…

Well… Who knows?  Maybe not… But it’s fun to imagine…


Love Always





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