“It goes that way sometimes, but remember, it goes the other way too.”



This was a good story.  It made me happy.  Sometimes we have to seek out the good news and the goodness that is out there upon the breast of the world, the flesh trembling as the heart beats, pumping blood and love which bleed, proudly…

Sometimes the words are good…

Sometimes the goodness of the people in the world is evident. 

The world is not good or bad, accepting, spiteful, loving or hateful….

That is people. 

Maybe we should make that choice…

To be love…

To be accepting…

Being Gay isn’t a choice. 

Being Queer isn’t a choice. 

Being Trans isn’t a choice. 

Being Pan isn’t a choice. 

Being Bi isn’t a choice. 

Being any part of that spectrum of the majestic and mighty rainbow is not a choice. 

I don’t even think being an ally is a choice. 

I don’t think straight is a choice. 

I don’t think Cis is a choice. 

I KNOW that hate is a choice. 

Have a voice, but speak for love.  It is something beautiful that will cause our elevation and spark creation.  Hate leads to suffering on both ends… for the hated and the hater.  Hate causes destruction and that will truly lead to our ruination… our condemnation.. our damnation….

Choose love…

But don’t think of it as a choice…

Maybe that’s the trick…

Love Always



6 thoughts on ““It goes that way sometimes, but remember, it goes the other way too.”

  1. Hate is a choice.
    I try to be forgiving about hate, but it is easier to give up. I’m bothered when people make excuses for hate. Especially in regards to born again Christian crazies….. “Oh! They just really love me and want me to go to Heaven, that’s why they they say those things. The hate is an expression of their love.” WHAT? I’m so confused by people who continually make excuses for people who hate the LGBTQQ community.

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