New People, New Groups, New Anxiety,

So ever since discovering I am a genderqueer (this is my term for how I identify, feel free to think of it as transperson or transwoman (neither term really feels exactly right to me or my identity) person it is really anxiety educing to meet new people, become a part of new groups or even to see old people.  This is largely due to having to figure out when the right time to disclose my identity is.  I am going to assume that I should disclose my identity as soon as I feel comfortable and as long as I feel that it is a safe choice.  Let me be clear: my identity is NOT a choice, but when I disclose that is.  

So I don’t know… I am dealing with this….

I am also having to look for work… and I am curious about when and if to disclose this information….

I guess the same as above applies..

Does anybody have any advice? 

Love Always





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