Welcome and then questions…

So, there are a bunch of new people that have wandered over and decided to check out what Noely is talking about.  I am extremely thankful and grateful for all the love and support.  Right now I need as much love and support as I can possibly find.  I am struggling in what seems like an impossible situation.  I feel like sometimes it is going to get better and I feel really hopeful.  I am also sometimes filled with a great despair that is so overwhelming that I don’t know what to do or where to turn.  I have been coming here and throwing my emotions out into the universe.  I am allowing my thoughts to tumble forth.  I am trying desperately to share my experience.  

There is one thing that I am curious about.  I am curious about how people are stumbling upon this place, what they like, what they don’t like and what they hope to learn.  If any of you feel like sharing in the comments section I would your insight incredible.  It would also help me to figure out a way to try and recreate the things you all like and tweak the things that aren’t working.  

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment in the comments section you can always contact me directly here: Noelyreese@gmail.com

Love Always



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