He walked in to the room.  Macaroni was plastered to the plate.  It was old, hard and grungy.  It would take him hours to scrub it clean.  The extension cord was stretched out next to it on the table.  A hefty wrench sat beside the extension cord.  He felt his anger rise to a boil.  He had just woken up.  He had that dream that didn’t make any sense again.  The dream where he realized that Earthworms and Dolphins were essentially the same creature.  He felt crazed and violent. 

“Cedric, you gotta pick up after yourself,” he said to the void of darkness that shrouded the room. 

“I always do,” Cedric replied in a sing-song mocking tone. 

He picked up the wrench relishing its weight and swung it into Cedric’s head knocking him from his chair.  He swung the wrench down again as crimson warmth sprayed about his face.  He felt reborn and jubilant.  He felt righteous. 


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