Do you even know my name?

I wish I would’ve asked this while they were letting me go.  They were faceless strangers, interlopers into my calm world, yet they came in like savages and upset my peace.  I wonder if they know my name.  I wonder if they care.  I suppose it really doesn’t matter.  They don’t know my real name.  They don’t know who I really am.  They never will.  Well, maybe one day when I write a book and I can tell my story.  When I can tell my true story.  They are the storm clouds venturing around the country breaking dreams and destroying homes and hope in one foul swoop.  I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for people like that.  At the very least I hope their creator looks upon them with a bit of shame in their eyes…

and says:

“You failed your test this go ’round.” 

I hope I am not failing mine. 

I am determined to pass through all of this. 

I hope you are too…

Love Always



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