Where did you go?

Where did you go? 

When I turned around you were gone, but I had more to say and more to show. 

I looked through out the house and all I found was blades of dried grass upon the floor.  I picked them up in my hand and I breathed deep.  The grass was old and dry, but it smelled like you hair from that time that we spent at the park in the spring time. 

I was pretty and you were happy.  We skipped rocks as we talked.  They jumped across the serene seat of the sea while we were speaking of nothing important.  The sky over head was serene and the clouds movements echoed the sea. 

These were motions where we had emotions.  These were thoughts of love that we shared while we breathed the air that tasted copper; like our blood, everything shared.  I wanted you then and you wanted me then.  You had me then and I had you too.  Though your eyes did wander, even then. 

I look upon the bed and there is a note on the pillow. 

My heart struggles to gasp…

Is this the broken heart note? 

Is this the end? 

All it said was:

I love you sweetie,

Went out for milk,

Love Always,




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