We are at the lake and we are walking along a loosely packed trail of dirt; we are holding hands.  I look at you, but it is more than taking in your physical beauty, I am seeing inside of you.  I am seeing your energy coalesce and swirl between contentment, torment and curiosity.  The wind flutters and plays with your hair.  It snatches at our dresses making them billow.  We reach the top of a small hill and stare down into the green water of the lake below.  There is just a slight breeze that feels good, though it puckers my skin.  I look into your face and I see know fear.  I wish I could live there too, underneath the sea of your progress, ambition and promise.  I wish I could bite into; eat you, like a peach and feel your luscious liquid cascade down my face.  I wish I could be strong for you and never weak at all.  I wish I could know myself completely so that I could give it all to you.  I wish I could find that dream where we dance as one spirit upon the face of the wind spinning in time forever more.  I wish I could love you truly and completely.  I wish I could have you more.  But your an apparition.  You are just a dream.  The only one, whose reality I long for. 

*sigh* feeling lonely today…

Love Always



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