Us, together.

We are together in the sun.  We had such a great day.  We sit on the hill and the sun is going down.  It’s a sea of lavenders, pinks and soft orange-reds.  And you hold my hand.  And I hold your head in my lap.  I’m gazing down into your beauty.  I see something I like and in the gleam from my eye the foam of my soul goes deep inside.  It coalesces with what is beautiful about you.  It is something honest.  It’s a feeling, that never goes away, no matter how far you go.  It’ll trail out from you dancing in the wind like a kite string.  When I tell you these nonsense words, when I tell you these silly things, it makes you smile and I die, but in that good way, where life is the lie; we never go away.  

I love you,

When you go to sleep, you awake all alone, but for a tiny note, resting on your pillow, next to your hair-soft head,

Love Always



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