Weird, hurtful stuff…

“Hey, who put that bow in your hair?” 

“WE ARE GONNA CUT YOUR HAIR!”  Seriously, not like, hey you should get a hair cut, but a demand.  Thanks, I already don’t have enough control of this body so, let me do what I can. 

“Man up.”  *sighs* 

“Looks like you’ve got to turn in your man card!” Hmmmmm…..

“It’s time to put on your big girl panties.”  This I really got no idea about.  On one hand maybe I should be kind of offended, on the other… maybe it’s an invitation? 

Here’s one I like….

“Hey did you get a look at that queer?”  Which one?  That one or the one you’re talking to? 

Some people are dumb. 

Some people are ignorant. 

Some people are jerks. 

I don’t think you should get to be all three. 

At least not in the same breath, anyways…


It’s for everybody…

And it may combat stupidity…

Okay, I am sick and tired and now obviously delirious.  

Love Always






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