Frankenstein’s Monster

So I just finished watching Monster Squad for god only knows how many times.  That movie always reminds me of a simpler time in my life.  I think that every time I watch it I either feel great nostalgia for the period of time when I last watched or I remember the lessons I take away every time I see that flick.  This time was no different.  

Growing up I was a weird kid.  I liked to read, which even back then was really strange to the kids my age.  I didn’t really have any friends.  I had one friend, a best friend, but he went to a different school, so a lot of my time at school was pretty lonely.  The other kids would make fun of me for being a nerd for being smart.  They would laugh at me and call me gay or a queer (oh, really, now).  Sometimes they would even throw rocks at me. 

Back then as now I liked to retreat into a good book whenever I could.  I remember the first time I read Frankenstein it was an abridged copy because I was in the fourth grade at the time, but it really resonated with me.  Frankenstein’s Monster was the first character in a book that I really related with.  I completely understood this poor creature that just wanted to be loved and accepted, but he was ostracized because of the body that he inhabited.  It’s not like he asked to be made up of a bunch of dismembered corpses crudely stitched together, but that was his existence.  After reading the full version of the book years later I realized it was more about man’s desire to usurp God’s role in creation and that subsequently that ended with his creation seeking revenge upon him for the existence that was thrust upon him.  But I still like to think about the character in terms of my simple childhood views.  

Monster Squad always makes me realize why I felt that way about the character and why I related to him so strongly even if I did not fully realize the exact thing until tonight.  It makes so much sense to me that I would relate to this character because he was inhabiting a body that people thought was scary, but he didn’t want to be scary he just wanted to be loved for who he was.  He wanted his worth to be decided by his actions.  And well, he had a few friends and people who were on his side, but ultimately it is always going to end up with a bunch of inbred hill billies chasing you into a windmill with torches.  

But it doesn’t always have to be that way.  We should all strive for something better.  And I can do better with accepting things I don’t understand, I’m only human, I still make mistakes and I still fail from time to time. 

Love Always





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