Lovely Kate.

I have been reading Kate Bornstein’s book and it really changed my life.  I also greatly confused me, but it was lovely and beautiful as is she.  One part I really liked was her talking about the stories that she used to read.  It made me feel normal because it is stuff that I still like to read.  She talks about how most of the people in the stories are forced into it.  Us, trans folk seem to like that idea that this transformation is forced or thrust upon us.  Or that is a punishment.  Maybe that makes it all seem a little more normal or understandable.  But why haven’t there been any movies like that?  There have been movies about trans issues, there have been the body switch movies which is similar.  There have been the gender bender movies.  Why has there never been a movie where the lead character is forced to dress as a woman to learn a lesson?  To overcome chauvenism or learn humility?  There is a ton of stories out there like that. 

One day we’ll have movies to call our own. 

And on that day, I will invite you to the movies. 

And we will share a popcorn.  

And our fingers will touch as we both reach for some popcorn. 

There will be a spark. 

We will both smirk. 

And then smile. 

And then we’ll giggle. 

That would be a good day. 

Love, Always,




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