Dreaming of Someone New

I have been dreaming of this boy.  I always wander upon him and he is laying on a bed.  And he is scared and shivering and crying.  He is a little taller than me.  He is cute.  He has a pretty smile, when he does smile, at least.  His hair is a little shorter than mine and a lot darker, his hair is brown and mine is blonde.  He is a boy and I am a girl, but I am the one that goes to him and I give him comfort.  He is the boy and I am the girl, but when I hold him I know we are the same.  I know we are one.  I whisper in his ear: “I love you.  I accept you.”  He pulls me closer.  I hold him tigher.  And we are together.  And all we have to be is us; who we really are.  We allow that of each other. 

I hope I find him out in the world. 

I hope he finds me out in the world. 

That will be a very special day. 

I hope you guys are getting ready. 

(a far off smile flashes across my face as I imagine a world like that)

Love Always




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