Writings, works and musings.

Well, I have been really productive today.  I have been delving into some old writing and I have noticed that bits of my subconscious were peaking through all along.  I have written a lot of female characters that I feel a strong connection with.  My writing has always been an outlet through which I could experience the things that I felt, but was uncomfortable with.  I was able to experience girlhood through my words.  I guess that was, like, a coping mechanism that I came up with, because as I wrote these female characters I was them, I got to experience them in a safe way, a safe distance and a safe place. 

I am working on getting some short vignettes published.  I really have faith in these stories they are all heartfelt and each of them is a piece of me and my experiences.  So I really feel like they would be a good place to start my writing career.  I am really excited about the future at this point.  I feel more me than I have ever felt before.  That is a pretty amazing place to be.  I hope that it continues and that I am able to continue to find myself and come into myself.  That is the onlly way I will find happiness and to find my place in this world. 

At any rate, I am getting myself together and if not becoming a beautiful girl, I am becoming a beautiful person. 

I hope you are too! 

Love, Always,




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