First Night Out.

We came back from the bar.  I was bubbly feeling and giggly.  I looked great.  My dress was shear and black and I looked exquisite.  She pushed me up against the wall, I resisted a little, at first, but then I realized she was stronger than me and I gave in.  I leaned against the wall behind me as she rained passionate kisses against my lips.  I relished the feel of the wall at my back, knowing that she was in complete control and I was her submissive play thing.  It was everything I ever wanted to feel.  The night was so beautiful and perfect, elegant and sexy too.  I was glad I had taken the time to put myself together properly; getting my hair and nails done, remembering to shave my body.  I wanted to be perfect for her.  As she pressed into me I felt prettier than I ever had in my entire life.  I felt sexier than sin.  I was hers completely. 

Her arms enveloped my body and moved upward pausing just behind my neck.  She grasp the handle to the zipper that stood impossible out of reach at the top of my dress.  I always wondered why women wore clothes with zippers they couldn’t reach and buttons they couldn’t fasten.  Now I understood, the simple lesson, that was power, control; seduction.  I felt so sensual in that moment as if my body was electric and her touch set it on fire.  She unzipped my dress and it fell pooling around my high heeled feet.  I looked into her eyes seductive and doe-eyed.  The corners of my lips twitched up into a wane smile as I bit my lip looking like a cross between a veteran vixen and an unsure school girl.  I stood before her naked; quivering. 

Her hand slip up and clutched the base of my skull and brought my head forward so that we embraced in a passionate kiss.  I felt explosions of ecstasy course through my trembling form.  It was as if my body had never been touched before and the joy of it was violent, terrible; thrilling and overwhelming.  Who knew touch could be… well, so much?  How can simple skin produce such an experience as this, I wondered as she kissed me once again.  She grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the bedroom.  She pushed me down on the bed roughly.  I tried to push myself up on my elbows, but she took control forcing down on my shoulders while climbing on top of me; straddling me.  I leaned my head forward trying to kiss her but she moved her head slightly teasing me with anticipation. 

She moved my wrist above my head and pinned them to the ground.  I was completely hers; within her power, under her spell.  She kissed my forehead.  Then my nose.  Then finally after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting my lips.  The kisses continued downward past my chin.  Down my chest and past my stomach.  I am so glad I shaved before I went out tonight I managed to think to myself between waves of pleasure that caused my body to tremor and spasm.  Then she was facing me again.  Her eyes filled with lustful desire.  She rose off my body and positioned herself above me.  Then she lowered herself upon me rhythmically pumping and grinding.  She took me then. 

We lay there covered in sweat.  She had ravaged me and both of us were panting heavily from the exertion.  I lay there for a long time with my head resting on her chest feeling her breath and tracing the circular indention of her bellybutton with my index finger.  Eventually our breathing calmed and our hearts settled into their normal rhythms.  I sighed contentedly as if I was pleased my body had survived this carnal rapture.  She rolled me over and held me tightly.  I listened as she slept.  I felt safe comfort.  I felt protected.  I felt loved.  I felt beautiful.  I lay there dreaming dreams without closing my eyes.  I wanted the moment to last forever and I envisioned us always together throughout time. 

It was the first time in a long time, that I didn’t feel like I was falling. 

Well…. it’s fun to dream sometimes. 

Love Always,



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