Updates and a dream

Today I had a pretty good day (7/5/13).  Work was boring, but I managed to finally get caught up on a lot of stuff I just couldn’t do because of being constantly harressed by co-workers and customers alike. 

Yesterday was weird.  It didn’t feel like the fourth of July.  It was rainy (here) and well, the fact that it fell on the Thursday just made it feel kind of like a sick day.  Well, I was sick, so maybe that also had something to do with it.

I need to do some girl time.  That like, really, needs to happen.  My body is all hairy and gross right now.  I can’t stand it.  So I definetely need to take care of that.  There is other stuff I want to do, just nice stuff, like treat myself to a bubble bath and luxuriate in the scented water.  Sometimes a girl has to take some time to show herself that she is special. 

There are many strange moments for me.  The morning ritual has become quite perplexing.  Do I use girl soap?  Do I use boy soap?  Should I shave my face or my legs?  Which lotion do I put on?  What clothes should I wear?  There are a lot more choices these days than their used to be.  And sometimes I forget to do laundry.  And all that’s left is girl clothes.  And I know if I get caught wearing that to work that I will get fired.  They will make un an excuse, but we are a “family” company (read Christian).  So that usually discourages me.  But I think one day soon it will not.  And let come what may. 

I had a great dream about being out on a date as a girl with another girl.  And it was simply fantastic.  I hope I get to experience that in real life at some point in my life.  Right now I am hopeful about it.  If I dwell on it too long and don’t just take it for face value (that at least I had this experience and I experienced it whether I was awake or asleep) then I will become sad, because I will ponder what if it never happens.  But I don’t want to think about that right now.  I just want to enjoy the memories of sensation that I felt.  And how beautiful it was to feel affection.  And to cuddle…

Love, Always,


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