Always there is love.

Talking sometimes is hard. 

Sometimes explaining is tiring. 

Understanding is difficult. 

Being silent is depressing. 

Remaining silent is heartbreaking. 

Hiding yourself, because it’s the way to be safe, is sad and lonely.  You do you have when you have to hide yourself away?   

Worrying about safety is scary. 

Worrying about privelage is terrifying.

Sometimes their is acceptance, that doesn’t sound too accepting.   

Figuring out how to be me is sometimes a constant struggle.  It changes from one day to the next.  Sometimes I know what I want, but I don’t know how exactly to achieve it.  Sometimes I don’t know what I want, but I think I have an idea.  Sometimes what I want seems so hard, terrifying and ardeuous.  I think maybe it’s like that for the most of us.  I am going through something new and I learning how to be.  The people I love are going through their own things and sometimes I don’t acknowledge how much they do for me. 

It means a lot to have acceptance.  It means a lot to know that people are trying even though they have their own struggles.  Talking, empathy, and love, these are very human things.  They are hard to do.  You have to work at them every day just like forming an identity or an idea of an identity.  These are not things set in stone and forgotten, but journey’s we undergo because we know no other way to go.  We know of no other way to be, but we acknowlege we haven’t found happiness yet, but that’ what we’ve always been striving for. 

Sometimes talking is hard because the words get muddled and disguise the empathy and hide the truth.  Sometimes empathy is hard because we do empathize in the correct way.  Love… that is the one… it is never hard, until it is.  There is always love.  I want you to remember that my friends.  There is always love. 

Love Always,


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