So in my whole journey I have started reconnecting with stuff from my past that I liked before I just started repressing who I really am.  I feel this is somehow important and helpful to me in my current journey.  Recently I found my Teddy Bear from when I was growing up.  I love that bear.  And it’s great because I have filled that bear up with so much of my love.  That is why hugging a stuffed animal is better than hugging a person, you know, because they are only filled up with the emotions that you put inside.  Humans come with their own emotions. 

So I had my bear.  His name is Radar. 

But I couldn’t find his best friend.  And everybody should have a best friend.  I went a couple of years without having one.  And that was a long, lonely, sad time.  Now I have two best friends!  But I couldn’t find Radar’s best friend.  His best friend was a lion that I called Tail-Less because it didn’t have a tail.  I do not know why it didn’t have a tail.  Maybe it just never had one.  Or maybe it got pulled off at some point.  At any rate that was always his name.  Or maybe her name.  She always had kind of a feminine energy.  I’m not sure. 

Well, anyway, today I found Tail-Less!  And I’m pretty happy about that.  I have my two favorite stuffed animals back!  That’s pretty cool right? 

I hope you think its cool. 

Love always,



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